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Mike & Carol Spicer.

Contact Carol at

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Photos of some of our past customers using radios sold by Combat Radio

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PRC-2000 Workshop Manual

Cost for the PRC-2000 CD Workshop Manual, GBP 14.99 including UK Postage.
World Wide International postage costs GBP4.99 extra using a tracked and signed for courier.


Racal PRM-4031 Workshop CD Manual.

High resolution, colour pages and PCB layouts.
CD includes the complete workshop manuals on the following;

PRM4031 - Manpack HF SSB/CW/AM transceiver
MA945/MA945B - Battery charger
MA988 - Loudspeaker Amplifier Unit
MA4014B - Audio Encryption Unit
MA4106 - Vehicle Interface Box
MA4190A - Hand Generator
MA4224 - Audio Encryption Unit
TA4044 - 100 watt RF Amplifier

The CD is navigated using menus, so it is easy to use on a PC.
Cost, only GBP 14.99 including UK Postage.
World Wide International postage costs GBP 4.99 extra using a tracked and signed for courier.

To order, please contact Carol;

Last updated 27th November 2019

6 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt solid-state vibrators for sale.

These replace old mechanical power supply vibrators
Ready Made, plug and play Solid-state vibrators are now available in 4 pin and 8 pins bases.

Synchronous 6 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt Solid-state vibrators are available.

The 8 pin, Octal base 24 volt Solid-state vibrators are fully compatible with Clansman equipment such as the R210 and C13 etc...

To order any Solid-State Vibrators or for more information please contact us at




The radio pictures below are for information only and NOT for sale!

Wireless Set No. 48

Wireless Set No. 88A

Racal Voice Encryption Unit MA-4224



A41 Mk 1




Wireless Set No.62MkII

Wireless Set No. 18

Wireless Set No38 AFV

Wireless Set No38 Mk II

Wireless Set No38MkIII

Wireless Set No 19

Wireless Set No. 46

Wireless Set No 52 RX

R209 Receiver Mk I

R209 Receiver Mk II

R209 receiver 2/B

Wireless Set No31

R107 receiver

BC-611 Hand Held Radio


Redifon GR479

BC 221 Test Set

Class D Wave Meter

PRC 77

PCR-2 Receiver

MK-123 Spy Radio

Pye Compak8 SSB ManPack

HF 156 Man Pack

ER-40 Man Pack

HRO Receiver

R109 Receiver

Wireless Sender 76 T


Spare Valve Kits

M201 Receiver

RBZ Receiver

MCR-1 Spy Receiver

Clansman PRC349

Racal PRM4031 + PSU

TRA 931HX Sincal 30

PRC 2000


Russian H3T1 Night scope



Squadcal 2 + PSU

National HRO Transmitter

VRQ High Power

VRC321 + ATU


Shoreacre UHF ManPacks

A16 High Speed Morse

PRC 9 + Vehicle Install

Russian R311 HF Receiver

Squadcal Mk1

Russian Head Set

Racal (USA) Head Set

Russian 107 T

Canadian WS 58

German SEG-15 HF

Russian R126

Russian R105

Russian Night Binoculars

PRC2000 Test Kit

Folbot WWII Folding Boat





Czech RF-11


TRA967 Man Pack



TacBe Beacon+DPM Pouch


Wireless set 22 Ref. only.

Clansman PSU & Test Set

R216 Receiver

British Jeep Radio Carrier





Jaguar V VRQ319 Wireless Set No. 88AFV A14 HP (High Power)
Caracal PRC349 hi-power Scimitar V Manpack VRQ 317
RT-7/PRC 2061 Scimiter V vehicle set PRC4600 Clansman HF Loop Antenna
BCC39 Vehicle Adapter Unit Jaguar Airborne UHF 5-way Racal power distribution box MAB
Racal Manpack PRC 6725 BCC39D Racal Tacticom HF Antenna system
Jaguar Programmer ATU-Thomson TRC577 Racal Syncal 2000 HF ALE unit
Panther 2000V PRM4720 Scimitar H WWII Japanese Army ground-air "Chi" Mark 3 radio set PSU
WWII Battery Charging Set Redifon A43R Wireless Set No. 62 Dry Battery Harness US Sig. Corps VHF DF Unit


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