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Vintage Military Cloth Badges - For Sale


CB01 - badges/6th Armoured Division Cloth Formation Badges (left side)


CB02 - Airborne - worn under 'Pegasus'


CB03 - Army Airbourne Division - Pair


CB04 - Army Parachute Jump Instructor APJ1 Wings - post war


CB05 - British Army Badge Qualified


CB06 - British Army Parachutist Badge Qualified


CB07 - British Home Guard woven shoulder title (Black on Khaki)


CB08 - Dorset Regiment


CB09 - Early WW2 Dispatch Rider's Trade Badge


CB10 - Ghana or post 1947 India Air Force Parachute Instructors beret or brevet


CB11 - Hampshire County Division RARE (a short-lived formation 28 Feb 1941 to 31 Dec 1941)


CB12 - 'No 2 Medical Commando' Shoulder Title (Unidentified unit)


CB13 - Parachute Regiment 'Airborne' shoulder title


CB14 - RA (Royal Artillery - WW2 Black on Khaki Embroidered Slip-on Army cloth shoulder title


CB15 - Royal Army Medical Corps


CB16 - Royal Sussex Regiment


CB17 - SAS Special Air Service Regiment WW2 - original and rare


CB18 - US Army Overseas Service Stripes (1 bar = 6 months service)


CB19 - WW2 1st Canadian Airbourne Battalion


CB20 - WW2 1st Canadian Army - printed


CB21 - WW2 3rd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery


CB22 - WW2 7th Armoured Division


CB23 - WW2 8th Army


CB24 - WW2 9th Armoured Division


CB25 - WW2 Army Parachutist Qualified


CB26 - WW2 British Troops in France Cloth Formation Badge


CB27 - WW2 Canadian Army woven shoulder title


CB28 - WW2 Canadian Grenadier Guards - printed


CB29 - WW2 Canadian Military Headquarters in England


CB30 - WW2 Canadian Scottish Regiment - woven


CB31 - WW2 Canadian shoulder title (possibly Royal Canadian Navy)


CB32 - WW2 Canadian The Elgin Regiment Cloth Shoulder Title - printed


CB33 - WW2 Glider Pilot Regiment front


CB34 - WW2 Glider Pilot Regiment No 2 Beret Wing RAF Cloth Pilots Wings Badge


CB35 - WW2 Parachute Regiment - woven 2


CB36 - WW2 Parachute Regiment - woven


CB37 - WW2 Parachute Regiment


CB38 - WW2 RAF Operator badge (in early part of WW 2 a variation was introduced with a red 'O' for operators)


CB39 - WW2 RCA (Royal Canadian Artillery) Winter Issue, Slip-on title


CB40 - WW2 Royal Canadian Air Force - Air Gunner


CB41 - WW2 Royal Canadian Engineers - printed


CB42 - WW2 Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (printed)


CB43 - Royal Corps of Signals (printed)


CB44 - WW2 Royal Engineers (Printed)


CB45 - WW2 Royal Engineers