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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
click on this link to see the Sea Shepherd certificate awarded for funds

raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

IF amplifier module for WS A40
Item 129

Item 133

DY-88 Spare fuse carrier, part of GRC-9 PSU
Item 145

Item 148

Item 149


Item 160

Item 163


Item 172


GRC-9 main TX tuning capacitor assy.
Item 174

WS31 knobs
Item 183

Larkspur handset pressel switch
Item 184

C11 ATU rear insulator
Item 186

C11 or power supply case handle

Item 188

Motor/Dynamotor Brush
Item 189

Cable assy. plug one end and open wire the other, still sealed.
Item 192

0.1uf 350vdc paper capacitor
Item 193

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