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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
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raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

Carrying strap olive - one buckle - damaged
Item 1827

General purpose headphones for receivers R107, 109 etc + RAF with long
material cable and phones jack plug
Item 1828

Grey box - 1968 - Naval controller possibly
Item 1829

Junction distribution box No 3 MK2 ZA38491
Item 1830

Radio cover - small damage
Item 1831

Strap - Dk green canvas 3 x misc

Item 1832

WS C12 Radio case - C
Item 1837

18 set plugs
Item 1839

A43 Battery extn lead - possibly 5473-A 4-pin male 48 inch
Item 1840

Item 1841

Plate - radio Vibratory Supply Unit No 9-PCR3 ZA29770

Item 1843

Connector heavy weight short with 2 x 19-pin female plugs

Item 1846

1155 PSU plug AP59301
Item 1851

Battery Holder NSN 5895-99-652-1349
Item 1852

Morse key grey with 4-pin male connector-Fullerphone possibly
Item 1853

Repair Kit CB suit Nato No CH 8415-99-127-7894

Item 1854

RX 1155 lead with male and female plugs - possibly

Item 1855

Throat mic - black 3-pin male plug

Item 1856

Actuator assembly Z42-5965-99-101-9825
Item 1857

Battery charger Pye PF70
Item 1860

Black caps and spares
Item 1861

Cases 4 Valve - no valves or markings
Item 1866

Cases 4 Valve No 3 ZA9817
Item 1867

Cases spare valve No 2 T - ZA28479-B
Item 1869

Clamp Z22 5340992232999-1978
Item 1871

Clansman handset - 7-pin plug - tested
Item 1872

Clansman metal radio frame with back support
Item 1873

Connector - black ACrownM- No 5D-1769 & 2156
Item 1874

Connector 7-pin female with lead and 7-pin male plug
Item 1875

Headphones with jack plug on lead
Item 1877

Marconi Batter charger - side clip
Item 1878

Marconi rechargeable Ni-Cd battery 12V-4-5Ah
Item 1879

Plug 3-pin female with cap
Item 1880

Plug 3-pin female with small circuit board
Item 1881

Plugs 3-pin female x 4-Z99-5935-99-631-5614
Item 1882

Radio base cushions
Item 1883

Radio tube RCA VT203
Item 1884

Rings - small grey
Item 1885

Speaker - YA9685 - with 3-pin fem plug and 3-pin male on end
Item 1888

Speaker with 3-pin female and male plug each side 5965-99-901-4230
Item 1889

Strap canvas possibly for radio - poor condition
Item 1890

Straps olive canvas with buckle and long wingnut- small damage
Item 1891

Vibrator 12 vlt Type S12 - Z6120-99-073-0008
Item 1892

YA6401 Tele Attachment Headgear double No 1 MKV box-wood
Item 1893

ZA1904 WS19 cases spare parts No 5C
Item 1894

2-pin plug male & accy Z99-5935-99-633-6121 x 4
Item 1895

2-pin plug male & accy Z99-5935-99-648-4310 x 2
Item 1896

2-pin plug male Z99-5935-99-626-5851 x 3
Item 1897

2-pin plug fm & accy Z99-5935-99-633-6556 x 2
Item 1898

Various - sold a lot
Item 1899

Copper threaded studs
Item 1900

Panel mounting clips
Item 1901

Self-Tapping screws
Two types – Slotted head and philips head, ½ inch long.
Item 1902