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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
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raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

Radio headset headband - dark green canvas
Item 1732

Springs metal - large
Item 1734

Springs metal - small
Item 1735

Strap small dark green canvas
Item 1736

Clip heavy round silver, 3 3/4 inch diameter.
Item 1737

Clip heavy round silver-large, 5 1/4 inch diameter.
Item 1738

Clip large horse-shoe shape
Item 1739

Heavy metal base - possibly antenna
Item 1741

Radio part with plate - Vibrapower units
Item 1744

Screw-in pole straight with large butterfly wing nuts x 3
Item 1747

Soft pack green nylon - back with small damage
Item 1748

Softpack - back with mic holder - B
Item 1749

Softpack - back with mic holder - C
Item 1750

Softpack green nylon marked CWL 1987 - 36568
Item 1751

Morse key attachment for leg - ZB15301 - ZA46604
Item 1753

Radio clamps x 2 ZB14904
Item 1756

Strap 12 inch dk green canvas with buckle
Item 1757

Strap 12 inch with buckle
Item 1758

Strap 15 inch Bagcraft
Item 1759

Strap short dk green canvas with buckle
Item 1760

Strap shoulder with two buckles
Item 1761

Switch 3 amp 250v AC 30v DC
Item 1762

Pye Telecoms PSU
Item 1763

Lead with 6-pin male plug and connector
Item 1769

Marconi Remote adaptor 19-pin RA plug
Item 1770

Plug 2-pin male with short lead
Item 1771

Pouch plastic small green-blue with brown straps
Item 1772

Fuses various 2 - 15 amp
Item 1773

Braid 15 inch
Item 1774

Bulbs opaque marked Government Property
Item 1775

Call pack charger socket
Item 1776

Digital display part PM-443A
Item 1780

Dual coil - ANGRC9 - possibly
Item 1781

Plug 3-pin male
Item 1784

Rubber key protector for radio
Item 1786

Socket-Connector 4-way x 2
Item 1787

Socket-Connector R-A
Item 1788

Spindle with knob one end fluted
Item 1790

Descriminator I/F transformer 5820-99-949-0130
Item 1791

Knob with numbered marking and pot
Item 1792

Lift dot type fastener
Item 1793

Connector-seals various x 4
Item 1794

Aerial dipole 5820-99-633-3990
Item 1795

Audio connectors 1 x straight, 1 x R-A
Item 1796

Audio connectors various - silver metal x 3
Item 1797

Box black metal small - crackle finish
Item 1798

Bracket black metal small
Item 1799

Buckle - teeth type - with partial strap attached
Item 1800

Connector 4-way female
Item 1802

Connector 5-way R-A
Item 1803

Connector black crackle 6-way
Item 1807

Connector brass 7-pin male
Item 1808

Connector F&E AP55532
Item 1809

Connector screw-in 4-way
Item 1810

Connectors 3-way x 3
Item 1811

Transistor Z42 5961997429488
Item 1812

Connector R-A CZ27159-1 SBAT12
Item 1813

Connector thin 12 inches with rings at each end
Item 1814

Jack plug M642-4-1
Item 1815

Lead with heavy 4-pin male plug
Item 1818

Plug 12-pin female
Item 1821

Radio part with crystals and instructions-inside
Item 1823

Screw-in Bakelite end
Item 1824

Socket GEC brown Bakelite
Item 1825

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