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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
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raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

RS Crimp TNC plug RG58
Item 1654

Lampholder Z99 6250996615553 x 11
Item 1657

Misc - R IN RH and R OUT RH - unknown
Item 1658

Misc clips flat metal unknown x 7
Item 1659

Misc unknown various x 3
Item 1660

Misc unknown x 3
Item 1661

Plug heavy R-A 2-pin female
Item 1662

Press buttons or switches unknown
Item 1664

Resistor x 1 in pkt Z1-5905991023294

Item 1665

Covers black metal small x 2
Item 1666

Amphenol R-A connector 5935-99-627-8769
Item 1668

Back fitting parts TEC elec comp ltd 05-2041-10-7- B-F Kit
Item 1669

Bracket angle shape green metal x 2
Item 1670

Bracket with rubber top - unknown type
Item 1671

Bracket-handle various
Item 1672

Connector R-A 10-H - 178
Item 1679

Connectors-various sold as lot
Item 1680

Cover green R-A Metal
Item 1681

Connector eso 6411 with lead and 2-pin male plug
Item 1682

Connectors 6-point with black-red lead x 4
Item 1683

Curly lead with 7-pin male plug
Item 1685

Earpiece with lead press box and plug
Item 1686

Junction box ZA46194
Item 1687

Light Diode x 10 Z42 5961991186421
Item 1688

Loading coil No 5508A Marconi ZA55879
Item 1689

RS232 7-pin socket interface MPLC PAU
Item 1691

Antenna tuning unit - Racal 1039-000 - 2
Item 1692

Battery charger BCC 503 - has a fault
Item 1693

Case maintenance kit elect equip
Item 1694

Charging controller Z9-6110-99-109-7971 June 1971
Item 1695

Battery - Marconi Avionics Ltd
Item 1697

Charger Motorola HT 110
Item 1698

Mic respirator with 3-pin male plug
Item 1699

Radio mount ZA27702
Item 1701

Signals satchel sand colour - F -small nicks
Item 1704

Signals satchel sand colour 1945 - G - small damage-no strap
Item 1705

Socket type 284
Item 1706

Washers fibre 10H-4599 x 6
Item 1707

ON-OFF switch with box and leads
Item 1708

Lead with 4-pin female plug
Item 1709

Plug with short lead 2-pin PL-291A
Item 1710

Spindles, connectors and washers

Item 1711

Connector short with ring ends
Item 1712

Oblong seal rubber black
Item 1718

Unknown radio part
Item 1720

Transformer IF Output No 62 ZA29925
Item 1722

Clamps - small gold colour
Item 1723

Racal battery charge PRT - MA3977
Item 1726

Item 1728

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