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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
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raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

Box BB426 1100-0898 - caramel coloured
Item 1553

Axtronics 12V charger SLA
Item 1555

Clamp small black Z22 5340992232999
Item 1556

Connector A-Crown-M Black with 4 terminals
Item 1557

Radio mounting - type unknown
Item 1558

Racal Yeoman Supply unit MA4003DX
Item 1561

Lead heavy and short one straight and one R-A plug
Item 1566

Lead with straight audio connectors each end ZA53398
Item 1567

Lead with R-A connectors each end
Item 1569

Relays possibly
Item 1579

Switch with three long pins
Item 1580

Leads incomplete with various plugs
Item 1886

Lead short with large and small straight plugs
Item 1588

Yeoman Tank Headset with 8-pin male plug
Item 1590

Wiring Harness branched Amplyvox England 6-pin male plug and 7-pin male R-A plug
Item 1593

Marconi PA 100 watts with 10-pin plug
Item 1595

Philips manpack battery holder BH4600 9551 690 68300
Item 1598

Racal BCC DC supply adapter PU2981-B 24v
Item 1600

Leads various with plug on one end only
Item 1604

Lead long with straight audio plugs silver
Item 1607

Lead very long with audio plug one end
Item 1610

Lead with 1 x R-A and 1 x straight audio plugs
Item 1611

Lead with 2 x R-A audio plugs
Item 1612

Lead with 2 x straight audio plugs - marked AWM 1354
Item 1613

Lead with 2-pin male and 3-female plugs
Item 1614

Lead with square plug 2 x f & 2 x m, flat plug 2 x f and 2 x m -
Item 1615

Headset with grey earpieces - no plug
Item 1616

Dual connector with lead marked 5995-99-949-4112
Item 1617

Earpieces lead and jack plug
Item 1618

Guy ropes and spikes-various
Item 1619

Current limiting resistance CLR 8C
Item 1620

Connector 2 x audio plugs
Item 1622

Connector 2 x audio plugs-yellow band
Item 1623

Connector short with 2 x audio plugs straight
Item 1624

Connector with 2 x R-A audio plug black
Item 1625

Connector with 2 x R-A audio plugs-colour banded
Item 1626

Connector with R-A and straight audio plugs
Item 1627

Bracket - for radio
Item 1629

Bracket - for radio2
Item 1630

Bracket for radio3
Item 1631

Bracket for radio4
Item 1632

Brackets for radio - possibly Racal
Item 1634

Cable assembly 5995-99-104-7759
Item 1636

Radio part C-421
Item 1637

Strapping Hellerman 3 mtrs 9330-99-943-4857
Item 1639

Radio part ZA36131
Item 1641

Earpiece plastic flat surface black
Item 1642

Seal rubber oblong with three holes
Item 1643

Headset part - black plastic with green tag
Item 1644

Connector SU37283372
Item 1645

Switch 5CW-5822
Item 1646

Grommets beige rubber x 3
Item 1647

Noise filter - unknown
Item 1648

Plug 5-pin male and connector - unknown
Item 1649

Plates for radio - Thermion, Marconi and Racal
Item 1650

Plastic elbow cover - unknown
Item 1651

Plug-in part - unknown
Item 1652

Rubber seals-grommets

Item 1653

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