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Antenna base A13 possibly 5820-99-949-5712
Item 1456

Clansman lead 4-pin female 7921380500
Item 1458

Larkspur antenna cable - single plug
Item 1459

Lead 22 metre RG 62-A-U no plugs
Item 1461

Lead - Larkspur 6-pin with curly lead
Item 1462

Lead male R-A plug and straight fem plug 35136040724
Item 1463

Lead - charger extn 7-pin fem and male
Item 1466

Battery extn lead A40-A41 8-pin
Item 1467

Handset H33-PT-Fr STTA - Marche 9319-54
Item 1470

Handset H-33F-PT Electrospace Corp 4789-PP-61
Item 1471

Handset US Seaview Elect Co O-N 21703-Phila-56
Item 1472

Yeoman lead with 2-pin plug
Item 1476

Handset Clansman remote control - no lead
Item 1478

Bolts and nuts for Aerial Bases
Item 1481

Yeoman 6-95 splitter lead 7-pin femx2 and 7-pin male
Item 1482

Connector C12 Issue 2 - 7-pin male
Item 1483

Lead Racal L15 719403-0600
Item 1484

Lead with 2-pin female R-A Plug
Item 1485

Antenna lead with R-A plug URM-76-BB-V
Item 1486

Racal Jamcat Lead L10 5-pin fem to 4-pin male 5995-99-652-7737
Cable from Jamcat to tape recorder
Item 1487

PRM4700 Headset-mic-Pressel also Syn30 4031 4051 4090 TRA967
Item 1489

ATU inductor carrier 62 set possibly - ZA30065
Item 1490

Lead 6-pin plug female and 6-pin plug male 602299
Item 1491

Valve covers x 3 with barrel tops
Item 1496

WS31 lid hinges ZA38355
Item 1497

Plate Power Supply Vibratory No 12 Mk 2 24V
Item 1498

Tuner ZI 5820 99 949 4515
Item 1500

Spare parts for Item 460
Item 1502

Connector with metal base
Item 1503

Cord assembly Larkspur Z42.5995.99.901.0408
Item 1504

Audio lead
Item 1506

Burndept Pattern 4 coax joiners
Item 1507

Capacitors Z115284 x3
Item 1508

Carrying strap dark green canvas with buckle one end
Item 1509

Carrying strap olive canvas with no buckles
Item 1512

Carrying straps green nylon with clip-on buckles each end
Item 1513

Connecting box Larkspur RSB2 28V
Item 1515

Ear-phone part
Item 1517

Ekco plug AC input cable assembly for ESPU-2pin ZA46324
Item 1518

Harness black canvas with small strap
Item 1521

Harness green canvas
Item 1522

Headset metal frame
Item 1523

Industrial instrument resistor assembly Serial No 333079
Item 1524

Microphone hand No 3
Item 1529

Pot - ZA33107 50 OHM
Item 1530

Pouch with one long strap
Item 1532

Pouches canvas small - ZA33126-L x 12
Item 1533

Pouches x 3 with belt - some rust
Item 1534

Relay Z37-5945-99-053-0458
Item 1536

Shoulder strap short green canvas with buckle and clip
Item 1537

Soft packs - front and back ref 787-0278
Item 1539

Straps green nylon x 2
Item 1540

Storno soft pack
Item 1541

Strap black canvas long
Item 1543

Strap green canvas heavy duty with clip one end
Item 1546

Strap green nylon with triangle metal clips each end
Item 1547

Thermo-couple assembly Weston - 22ohm heater 6
Item 1551

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