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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
click on this link to see the Sea Shepherd certificate awarded for funds

raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

Knobs fluted with flat base black rubber
Item 1394

Knob - long with pointer wing shape
Item 1395

Knob fluted black small
Item 1397

Knob medium fluted flat top
Item 1398

Knob medium with base and round pointer
Item 1399

Knob with base and carved pointer
Item 1400

Knob with dial Audio Gain
Item 1401

Knob with yellow band on top
Item 1403

Knobs Brilliance-volume-waveband
Item 1404

Plate - WS88 types A & B
Item 1413

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