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Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
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raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.

Connector C1
Item 1249

Connector C3
Item 1251

Connector C4
Item 1252

Connector C4B(2)
Item 1253

Connector C5
Item 1254

Connector C6
Item 1255

Connector C7
Item 1256

Connector C10-2
Item 1260

Connector C11
Item 1261

Connector C11-issue 3
Item 1262

Connector C12
Item 1263

Connector C14 4-pin
Item 1265

Microphone Hand - No 16
Item 1268

Bar securing silver metal
Item 1273

Clip crocodile small green - YA10666
Item 1274

Brushes ER80 1xpos 1xneg
Item 1275

Centre Junction dipole 5985-99-9535x2
Item 1277

Clamp for box long tongue and two holes
Item 1278

Collet Assembly
Item 1280

Condition indicator A41-A42 x 3
Item 1281

Condition indicator WS A40
Item 1282

Connector - 4-pin male and orange wire
Item 1283

Connector harness 12-pin Larkspur
Item 1285

Connector phone mic key black crackle
Item 1286

Connector unknown T-45 Plug PJ 292
As used with GRC-9
Item 1287

Connector with black cotton-reel sections-1 good + 1 poor
Item 1288

Connector-clip Y-shape
Item 1289

Fuse link large 1982
Item 1291

IF - CRPC26 - 5820-99-949-0129
Item 1293

Mullard EF50 GB MBI BOH
Item 1294

Insulator studs x 2
Item 1296

Lamp yellow poss rescue radio-side
Item 1297

Lamps Min Bayon 6-3V 0-25amp US Navy-GE
Item 1298

Cover for the receiver part of the AN/GRC-9 radio
Item 1299

Plate - Russian small, Wireless Set No. 19
Item 1301

Plate Marconi loudspeaker Type 1328-W22459
Item 1302

Plate plastic brown LINE-ZA22503
Item 1303

Plate small rise of light fall of light
Item 1305

Pot Motorola 2N441
Item 1311

Radio Tray parts
Item 1314

Relay 5945-99-901-0388 GEC-TC M1133
Item 1315

Remote H-S AMPS x 2
Item 1316

Resistor Z5905-99-022-3101
Item 1317

Switch Z32-5930-99-112-4429
Item 1318

Screw Hex M6
Item 1319

Screw Hex M8 x 3
Item 1320

Throat mike poss Plug PL291 ST53-T-45
As used with GRC-9
Item 1322

Transformer IF ZA16879
Item 1323

Wideband matching unit - Balun
Item 1325

Washers 13-17
Item 1327

Spindle wooden brown
Item 1328

Switch - AM 5D-531
Item 1329

Switch ZA9207
Item 1330

Washers locating ZA30090
Item 1331

Plug heavy 5-pin-yellow top
Item 1333

Plug R-A single female silver metal
Item 1334

Spacer - small metal and rubber x 4
Item 1336

Breath shield possibly
Item 1340

Buckle - small metal
Item 1341

Catch with hook  for strap - brass
Item 1342

Choke  ZA56434
Item 1343

Connector short 2-ended antenna plugs 7006640045
Item 1344

Connector 4-pin Painton with accessories
Item 1346

Connector 4-pin small with arrow
Item 1347

Connector 5 x 2-pin male
Item 1348

Connector double-ended T-shape 10H-3839
Item 1350

Connector silver metal with accessories
Item 1351

Connector small gold with multi-pin attachment
Item 1352

Connector -wing switch AN-75-A-46B36873
Item 1355

Connector with grommets and washer-type unknown
Item 1356

Dial with knob RF Gain
Item 1357

Connectors T-junction style silver metal
Item 1359

Cover green metal square with round centre
Item 1360

Cover metal round silver, Used to hold
panel meter in place, WS19, WS22

Item 1361

Cover small green metal, 5 point drop lead retaining ring
WS19, WS62, WS22 etc...
Item 1362

Cover Square with square cut-out green metal
Used on GRC-9
Item 1363

Dial small with fluted knob
Item 1364

Knob 2-dimple black metal,
R209 Mk1/Mk2/Mk2B tuning knob.
Item 1365

Insulator white china
Item 1368

Jackplug NAF No
Item 1369

Knob - double wings
Item 1371

Knob - long stalk black
Item 1372

Knob round flat shape brown x 2
Item 1373

Knob curved sides and pointer
Item 1374

Knob dk red
Item 1375

Knob fluted with silver top
Item 1376

Knob frequency with stalk black
Item 1377

Knob round black smooth top
Item 1379

Knob with pointer and long 'handle'
Item 1380

Knob with wave top - medium
Item 1381

Knob with wave top - small
Item 1382

Knob with wave top - very small
Item 1383

Plug - part of 3-pin male
Poss. R107
Item 1388

Bolts screws and washers Telefunken
Item 1390

Covers radio poss BC611 or GRC-9
Item 1391

Insulator brown china
Item 1393

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