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Part of Clansman VHF Inverted Vee antenna kit.
Item 935

6-pin plug lead and connector-12-volt adapter
Item 936

Connector 2-pin female to 6-pin female
Item 937

Audio extension leads for WS A41 No. 2.
Item 938

Clansman harness Commander's Personal Units
Item 939

Remote audio connector for WS A41 No. 1 or WS A40.
Item 944

Connector 6-pin female and four pin female-male plug
Item 945

Item 947

Connector Pos-Neg male and Pos-Neg female
Item 949

Aligning tool for BC659 or BC620 transceivers
Item 951

Lead with 7-pin female plug
Item 955

Lead - 7-pin male and 10-pin female
Item 957

Radio box - gain and call - red
Item 959

BC611 F original plate
Item 967

Caps - black
Item 968

Item 970
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