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Dear Friends/Customers. Please be aware that all the items for sale on
Combat Radio are being sold to raise money for charity in memory of my
husband Mike Spicer. Please visit their web-site
click on this link to see the Sea Shepherd certificate awarded for funds

raised and in remembrance of my late husband Mike Spicer.


Knobs 6 x 1
Item 848

knobs5 - dimple black - short base x 15
WS62 knobs.
Item 849

knobs4 x 6
Item 850

knobs5 x 4
Item 851

Light - yellow detail
Item 854

Lead small double ended Larkspur
Item 855

Lamps with 2-pin connectors V small
Item 856

Lamp - red at end Larkspur
Item 857

Meter WS unknown - volts
Item 858

Meter Volts & millAmps Model 506
Item 859

Meter - microAmps square
Item 860

Meter - amps 1944 with moving coil
Item 861

Mic wishbone - part of
Item 863

Mic insert - small black
Item 865

Mic assembly
Item 866

Mic insert with green face and black rubber back
Item 867

Item 869

Terminating panel for Clansman remote handset
Item 870

Plate Racal oblong four holes MHz and KHz
Item 871

Plug - Goblin
Item 872

Plug 3-pin female Clansman
Item 874

Pot with silver button push
Item 876

Plugs bakelite x 2 top
Item 877

Plugs bakelite 1 x 3-pin male 1 x 2-pin male
Item 879

Ring - rubber black Larkspur
Item 886

Screws small - packet of
Item 888

Screw kit - small
Item 891

Seals - rubber black approx 10 inch long
Item 894

Used on Clansman RT321, 353 and harness system
Item 895

Clutch components, WS22 etc.
Item 897

Straps green nylon 10 inch
Item 898

Item 899

Valve covers 4-25 inches long
Item 900A

Switch assembly Clansman
Item 902

Washers - small black raised x 3
Item 903

Washers - shaped black x 10
Item 904

Various small bits
Item 905

Window - small round black
Item 906

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